The work is based on a collection of twelve second hand ‘Self help’ books. Blackmore specifically searches out books in which lines or passages of text have been highlighted or underlined by the original owner fixing attention on the first thing they marked.

Self help, 2010, Schwartz Gallery, London, UK

In and outside - writing, 2011, The Voorkamer, Lier, BEL. Curated by Rebecca Fortnum, Ans Nys, Peter Morrens & Kelly Chorpening

Hampton, M., 2015, Unshelfmarked: reconceiving the artists’ book, Axminster, Uniformbooks, Exposé pp. q

Chorpening, K., Fortnum, R. Morrens, P., Nys, A., 2012, Drawing – in and outside writing, Cahiers [23] Uitgeverij Acco, Leuven, Belgium, p18-19, p40.

Argon, 2011, Self help by David Blackmore