MATERIAL LIGHT, 2017, Srishti Outpost, Kochi biennial, India: curated by Allan Forrester Parker

Material Light, 2015, Belgrade Cultural Centre, Belgrade, SRB: curated Allan Forrester Parker

Hexagonal Ruins, 2014, Hackney WickED, London, UK: curated by Nicolas Freytag

GLITCH, 2013, Doomed Gallery, London, UK. curated by Melanie King

Material light, 2013, Project space, University of Westminster, London, UK: curated Allan Forrester Parker

100 curators - 100 days, 2012, Saatchie Online: curated by Carson Chan

Pixxelpoint 09, 2009, Mestna Galerija, Nova Gorica, SVN: curated by Domenico Quaranta

MATERIAL LIGHT - BEOGRAD | BELGRADE, 2015, Belgrade, Grafička

Pixxelpoint 10 - Once upon a time in the West, 2009, Kulturni dom Nova Gorcia, Mestna Galerija, Nova Gorica, SVN, p30-31