In February 2016, in the run up to the UK’s referendum on membership of the EU, Blackmore wrote to the European Commission requesting a non-nation specific European Passport, in return for which he was willing to revoke both his Irish and British citizenships. The request was declined, in writing seven months later ‘because such a passport does not exist’. In response to this reply, Blackmore removed the national emblems from both his Irish and British passports the process of which was recorded photographically.

The work has evolved into a relational piece in collaboration with members of the public consisting of a discussion exploring the meaning of national identity using European identity as a counterpoint after which participants where given the mean to remove the insignia from there passports.

In 2023 The Artichoke Trust commissioned a reperformance of the work for "No But Where Are You Really From?" exhibited on billboards and digital displays across the UK.