David Blackmore: Euronation, 2002


The Liberties, Dublin, IRE from Euronation 2002

Blue backed billboard 125gsm paper, OSB and wooden beams

406 x 203 x 100 cm

In 2002, the year that the Euro was introduced across twelve European nations, Blackmore covertly painted a series of post boxes in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom European blue at night. Euronation documents the before and after of this action.

Manifesto, 2014, OFF_FESTIVAL, Bratislava, SK. David Blackmore & Dhruv Malhotra curated by Zuzana Lapitkov√°

The wish list, 2005, M+R Gallery, London, UK. Curated by Rupert Blanchard and Ma Chung Kin

Source Photographic Review, Spring 2017, Issue 89, Belfast, pp. 20 - 27

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