David Blackmore: Mizen to Malin Head without passing a pub, 2012


Mizen to Malin Head without passing a pub 2012

Photographic representation of a twenty-five day performance walking across Ireland without passing a pub

Framed Archival Giclée Print

103 x 73 x 2.5 cm

Edition of 32

Over the course of twenty-four days Blackmore walked from the island of Ireland's most southerly point to its most northerly point. This perambulation was instigated by a mis-quote from James Joyce's Ulysses 'A good puzzle would be to cross Ireland without passing a pub' used on award plaques for the James Joyce Pub Award

Siteation, 2012, Dublin, IRE

Sharing Borders Symposium, 2019, Institute of Advanced Studies, UCL, London, UK

O’Malley, JP., 2012, ‘Travelling from top to toe was sobering.’ In: The Irish Examiner 4 December 2012.

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