European Pa55port (Study), 2016,
Laserjet Print,
42 x 29.7 cm,
Edition of 28

Detail of European Pa55port (Study) Detail of obverse  

I am selling this print as an edition of 28 as part of the #Artistsupportpledge set up by @matthewburrowsstudio. If I make a £1000 I will use £200 to buy work by artists involved in the pledge.

Each print is signed, embossed, dated and editioned.

The print was made from the front cover of my British passport after I had removed the gold seal in response to an unsuccessful attempt to request a non-nation specific European passport from the European Union before the Brexit referendum in June 2016. This print and the act it records went on to become a larger relational body of work consisting of a series of photographic prints, documents an ever growing Brexit archive and a conversation with participants on the nature of nationalism in a transnational era.

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